Fall TV and so on

It’s September, that must mean that it’s time for regular TV shows to start again. Woo!

This year, I’m handling it better than last year. ER and CSI never got watched because I missed their premiers and didn’t know until we were four episodes in that either one had started. CSI:NY only got watched for the final five episodes for similar reasons. NCIS got watched here and there because I kept forgetting to record it. So I’ve gone through the list of returning shows on Zap2It and marked the premier dates for each one that I’m seriously interested in: House, NCIS, Bones, Medium, CSI and CSI:NY. That doesn’t mean that I’ll definitely keep all of them (I dip in and out of Bones so much that I never really get the continuing story-lines), but it’s at least going to remind me that they’re on and I should set up the recordings.

The other change is my recording system: I’m giving in and getting a DVR. I need the dual tuner ability, if nothing else, for when two shows that I’m watching decide to be on at the same time. Or, y’know, Tour de France collides with Wimbledon finals. My cable company’s only DVR is also an HD one, so I may add on the basic HDTV package (a lot cheaper than the last time I looked at it) and take full advantage of my rather good telly. The DVR would definitely make it easier to keep up with things because last year even the briefest of power-flickers buggered up the recording on one or other of my multiple boxes with the result that I either failed to record of recorded an hour of blank.

Not to mention that I had no facility to record a series and had to set it up each time, which regularly got forgotten and usually on nights that weren’t repeats.

The only scary bit will be sorting out how I plan to connect everything. I’d really prefer not to need to turn on the DVD player each time I just want to watch a bit of TV…

So, yes. I’m being better organised. This year, I’ll actually watch a couple of series regularly and see all the episodes.

Having sorted out recording method and returning shows, is there anything new this fall that I should know about?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cate
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 17:01:40

    It’s not new, but you should really check out Chuck.


    • archerygirl
      Sep 14, 2009 @ 12:13:37

      That’s the big suggestion that everyone has had for me and I’m thinking that I’ll have to give it a go. How easy is it to pick up or do I need to watch some of the previous episodes to really get it?


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