Dirty Dancing, Grey’s Anatomy and other stuff

Last night Mum and I decided that we needed to watch Dirty Dancing. I still love that movie so much. The dancing is amazing. The story is great and moving, the music is just right, but it’s the dancing that really captures me. Swayze was fantastic 😦 The only gripe I have is that the filming of the final big dance number, while beautiful, doesn’t let me see feet as much as I’d like.

Yes, I do hate going to a dance performance if I can’t see the feet.

In dance, it’s the feet that really do the magic work. The bodies tell the story and get you pulled in, that’s where you see the chemistry between characters, but it’s the feet where the real work and technicality are and that’s what I always end up watching.

In other stuff, I read the re-cap of S5 Grey’s Anatomy. I suspect strongly that I’ll be putting S6 on the DVR. Damn. It’s always been my guilty pleasure series, because it’s so silly and frivolous and basically daft and yet…

Also, by big horrible Zombie Project has taken a nasty turn. Last night we thought that we’d finally cracked it and were loading good, correct data. Today we’ve found that there was a serious issue with the data load that nobody had noticed, wasn’t on our list of issues and is going to take a huge amount of work to fix. Urf.

So glad that I’m going out for evil dinner tonight so that I can drown my sorrows in yummy food.

Mum goes home tomorrow, which I am both not enjoying (I’m going to miss her!) and looking forward to (my house will be my own again!). It’s a weird feeling. The visit has been much better than I’d hoped, I’m confident that we won’t kill each other when she’s here next year, but I’m also quite looking forward to being on my own as well. Except that I enjoy doing things with her. Although it will be nice to do things at my own pace again 🙂 So, it’s a conflicted thing but at least I know that I can survive winter and stuff on my own.

Oh, also, I’m coming to England for Christmas. Bought the tickets last night. Yay!

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