Not the post I planned

I was going to write a post about the weekend, about the pizza I made (from scratch including the base!), the over-indulgence in cheesy herb bread resulting in a low-fat plan for this week and the baby shower I went to on Sunday. Except that I’ve largely forgotten how that post went and instead I have bits and bobs of stuff that I’m not sure are connected.

Just finished Elantris by Brandon Sanderson and thought it was rather excellent. I’m now on a kids’ lit run, though.

Grey’s Anatomy is so stupid. And so addictive. Yargh.

I’m obviously losing my mind because I watched the first week of Strictly Come Dancing and am currently acquiring week two. OMG. I had a ton of commentary and thought on dancing, choreography and why the first elimination sort of deserved to be gone and sort of didn’t because a large part of his problem was that the choreography that his partner put together showed her off and didn’t do the celebrity in question any favours. Except that is a really boring post.

I actually bought the yarn for my Tubey sweater today and thus I am impatient to begin it. I still need to seam my sister’s cardigan, though.

My sister arrives for her visit in a little over a week. Woo!

The first week of American TV that I’m actually following has been rather good (yay House!) and I’m enjoying my silly, stupid new series of Merlin as well. In fact, there’s more good TV than I have hours to watch it in right now!

I should really go and do something constructive with my evening before NCIS starts.

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