Agatha Christie binge

I’m on an Agatha Christie kick. One might even call it a binge. I blame it all on netgirl_y2k, who mentioned The Body in the Library in a recent post and got me thinking Christie-ish thoughts.

I’m currently on my fourth Christie in three weeks. My sister enabled it by presenting me with four more (that I’ve never read!) from a second hand bookstore as a thank you for putting her up for a few days. I don’t see myself emerging from the Christie kick any time soon. After all, I have twelve in my own collection (er, sixteen) and I’m sure the public library can help as well. This is also the reason that my sister and I watched The Unicorn and the Wasp on Monday. Doctor Who and Agatha? Bring it on!

One of the amusing parts was that the book that the Doctor showed at the end, Death in the Clouds, was the Poirot that I had just finished. Heh.

I think that after work on Friday, I’ll take myself down to Chapters. There I shall spend some time browsing the cook books before buying some hot chocolate and spending a pleasant time reading Christie and drinking cocoa. It’s supposed to rain on Friday, which makes the plan even better. Sitting inside a bookshop drinking hot chocolate while it’s raining outside makes me very happy.

Then I’ll buy groceries and treat myself to sushi takeout. It’s entirely possible that I’ll follow that up with two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (having not watched last week’s episode) and call it a thoroughly lovely evening.

Damn, when did I get boring?

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    Apr 11, 2010 @ 18:55:25

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