Flu shot thoughts

I’ve been thinking about the flu vaccine. Specifically, the priority group expanded a couple of weeks ago to include those with chronic lung disease such as asthma, meaning that I’m now allowed to go and get my dose.

Actually, I really should go and get a script for my inhalers because I’m not sure my Becotide has anything left in the canister and my Turbutaline expires next month. If I get sick, I’m really going to need those because this time there is nobody to get me to a hospital if I have a major attack and I know that I’ll feel daft for calling an ambulance.

Anyway, the important thing is that I’ve been thinking about the H1N1 vaccine. I know that I should get it. I know that it’s safe (enough people have been guinea pigs now to convince me that it’s as safe as the seasonal vaccine). I’m in the at risk group.

Problem is, I don’t feel like I deserve it yet. My asthma is relatively mild. I’ve only needed hospital treatment once with it. There are other people out there at far more risk than I am and they should get their shot ahead of me.

My immune system is crap, I know this, but it doesn’t actually make it any easier to put my head up and say “please, sir, can I have my shot?”. We’ve spent months being told we should get the shot but it’s important that the most vulnerable get it first. Maybe that’s why I now feel so conflicted.

During the course of writing this, I’ve actually taken the plunge and booked myself in to get the shot. It helps that I’m now hearing that clinics are empty and doses are being thrown away because people aren’t getting their shots. I still feel guilty for going, because my asthma is mild and there are people out there in much more need than me, but maybe I need to get over that feeling. After all, I know that I’ll get pretty sick if I get the flu and there are already two people in my department out sick with it.

Shouldn’t that be reason enough for me to feel OK about getting my shots? It may take a bit of persuading to get my emotional brain to meet up with my logical brain on this one.

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