Some knitting related thoughts

Eeep! It’s snowing! It’s probably going to get washed away by morning, but we’re looking pretty nasty out there right now. Also, teh Interwebz ate my LJ comments, so I got a bit of a surprise when I looked at my message box a couple of minutes ago. Anyway…

It is a little over two weeks until Christmas, and the yarn I ordered for making a couple of presents has only just arrived. Good thing I chose quite small projects, but I may still be working hard to finish on time. Must remember to pack my blocking T pins – there’s no way these will be done before I leave and blocking does help the lace to pop.

I cast on for a new pair of socks on Saturday. They’re quite exciting, to me, anyway. Firstly, it’s my first time using Malabrigo Sock and I’m in love. Seriously, this stuff is gorgeous. I’m already thinking seriously about using it in a sweater, it’s that soft and lovely.

Secondly, I’m adapting a cuff-down pattern to use my favourite toe-up construction. The main detail is a lace panel going up the side of the foot, so it’s slightly more complex to work than my usual plain socks. I ended up going from the top left corner of the lace chart rather than the bottom right and hoping for the best. Last night I finished the heel on the first one, so I just have the leg to work and I was able to try it on to see exactly how well it fitted.

I had a good feeling from previous tries, but it was still nice to have confirmation that they’re a perfect fit. My purple stripy socks from a couple of months ago are also a beautiful fit so this is reassurance that they were not a fluke. I can indeed, finally, knit socks that fit my feet just right. As the lace on these ones could have made them a slightly looser fit, I’m doubly happy to have them right. Most importantly, the length is nice and snug (without squishing) so shoes will fit over them without issue, unlike my first couple of pairs!

My current projects are also teaching me that while I love Mal Sock, I’m not so keen on Worsted. It’s nice, it’s soft, and the colours are gorgeous, but I’m glad that I only bought one skein as a trial to make a hat rather than diving in with a sweater. It’s not a plied yarn – it’s one thick strand that feels more felted than anything else. Rather like the Mal Silky, in face, but without the gloss of the silky so I’m finding it harder to work. I think that it would be a nightmare to frog and I can see just from the nature of the single ply that this is a yarn that will have issues with growing over time.

I’m going to love the hat I’m making, but I may not be using the Worsted for anything bigger.

The Sock, though, would make a gorgeous cowl necked sweater. In fact, it would make the beautiful cowl necked sweater that I love from Knit So Fine which [info]gmul gave me for my birthday. I’ve already got my eye on a colour way. Hmm…

Plotting and planning new projects is almost as fun as knitting them!

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  1. lulubelle
    Dec 09, 2009 @ 20:25:40

    Malabrigo worsted pills like crazy. I made pants for my daughter had to de-fuzz them constantly. And it doesn’t stand up to a lot of frogging.

    Growing issues, not as many as you might think. In fact the opposite, as with wear it felts. No matter how gently you wash it, you’re going to see some felting. Which is actually why I love to make the children hats with it, it makes a nice, soft sturdy fabric. Luckily it felts like a dream, nice and evenly, so it doesn’t look bad as it felts.

    But I wouldn’t use it for a large project for an adult. Baby/toddler stuff, sure.


    • archerygirl
      Dec 10, 2009 @ 17:47:40

      I bought the single skein with the intention of knitting a hat to see what I thought of it before I plunged in with a sweater. I’m really glad that I did! Useful to know about the felting, too. I’ll be careful with the hat 🙂

      It’s definitely not going to be a sweater. The Sock probably will, but not the Worsted. It’s just annoying to knit with, I’m finding.


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