Loving the free wi-fi!

I’m doing that thing other people do that always make me jealous: I am posting from my gate at the airport.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

But anyway. I’m at my gate! I’m going to the UK! Via Boston! And US Customs are scary! And I got selected for extra security screening!

I got here insanely early, due to my over preparation habits. My car is staying at a hotel while I’m away, partially so that I can stay there the night I get back (I hate driving the airport highway in the dark and don’t want to risk the weather) and partially so that my drive can be ploughed while I’m gone. So I had to drop the car off and get hotel transport to take me to the airport. It went far smoother than expected, which is why I’m here so early. Ah, well. I know for the future 🙂

Although I’m safely checked in and waiting, I don’t think that I’ll feel happy and relaxed until I’m on my flight to London, mid-Atlantic, and there is no chance that I’ll get stuck in Boston. The Customs guy wanted to know whether I was OK financially to get stuck in the airport there. Comforting.

So, I’m going to work on editing a story and wait for my gate to be called. Eee!

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