I’m a lemming…

One of my resolutions, or at least intentions, this year is that I need to get fitter. Two years ago I climbed Snowdon. Today I do well to climb my stairs. Well, that’s an exaggeration but it’s a little embarrassing, really.

I hate gyms, but my company offers a corporate rate at a local one and I was thinking about doing that. The problem is that I probably wouldn’t use it enough to justify it. Let’s face it, what I’m looking for is something that I can do several times a week that only takes half an hour or forty minutes out of my day. The gym definitely wouldn’t do that! By the time I drive over, change, do a circuit, clean up and change, and then drive home it’s going to be more like two hours. Possibly more. Not practical after work (unless I eat really late) and guaranteed to eat up my entire evening if I do it after supper. I want to get fit, but not at the expense of never doing anything else!

There is a treadmill sitting in the corner of my rec room. I was good for a couple of weeks last year, but it’s very boring and keeping up my motivation is very hard. Even worse, there’s no target or incentive beyond vague thoughts of walking to Mordor and even that challenge didn’t turn out to be enough. I barely made it to Wood End. Also, a treadmill on its own isn’t enough to work on my upper body strength or core muscles.

One thought that I had over Christmas was a dance class, but most of the beginner sessions have filled up already and the one I did find is on a Thursday night. Even for dance, I’m not missing my knit nights for an entire term! I’ll take a look in a few weeks and try to get myself into a class for the summer term, when the weather will also make me a little happier about going out.

This week a lot of my colleagues have been talking about the Wii’s that they got for Christmas. Some bought them for the kids but more than a few got them for themselves. Most of the rest already had a Wii. We’re thinking about how to do a Wii night as a team event 🙂 There is talk of projectors and working out how many remotes we can gather.

Anyway, they’ve all been raving about how much fun they are and how good a lot of the fitness and activity games are. Wii Fit Plus gets big thumbs up from everyone and there’s a tennis game that also sounds great. I’ve been doing a bit of research (including a price comparison against that corporate gym membership – half the price!) and I’m thinking that it might be the answer. Lots of fun, you can set goals and get motivated, I can use it in my rec room and there’s the potential for gaming evenings with fellow Wii owning friends. Hmmm.

There’s one of these “buy this plus these and save x” deals on Amazon for the console, nunchuck and Wii Fit Plus with balance board that looks very good. I could use my Christmas bonus! It seems like a good place to start, anyway. There’s a tennis game included with the Wii, but there’s also a more advanced one that I might get further down the line. I’ve been weighing up all the pros and cons of my options and the Wii looks like the best of all of them. It feels weird to be thinking of a games console as a solution to my fitness dilemma (I’ve never owned a games console!) but perhaps this is what technological progression really is: new solutions to old problems.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    Jan 09, 2010 @ 01:19:30

    I have a Wii! Unfortunately I have had it for a year and barely used it. Would love to change this, if you want to come over and try it out let me know!


  2. Lesley
    Jan 09, 2010 @ 02:13:00

    We got the balance board for Christmas this year and it’s so much fun. We’re having a great time with it.

    The hula hoop game is especially fun 🙂


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