Food and, er, food

There has been an overly-large chicken breast in my freezer since around two days before my mum went home in September. She was very good and packaged up the big pack of chicken that we bought in individual portions AND LABELLED THEM (so much unlabelled and undated mystery meat got thrown out of my freezer after her previous visit), but failed to take into account the amount of chicken one person could eat. It was a huge chicken breast. Enormous. Insane. So large that I couldn’t think of anything to do with it.

It was skinless and there is a limit to how much grilled skinless chicken (oh, so bland, even with spice rubs) I can eat. This thing definitely exceeded it.

The best thing about chicken tikka masala is dipping the naan in the sauce. Turning this thing into a curry would have created too much curry to stomach naan or even much rice. Er, no.

There was far too much to make a casserole for one and re-heated chicken casserole has no appeal.

In short, I needed an interesting recipe for this chicken that had few additions (stomach ache from overeating is never worth it). And, er, to make sure that anyone portioning up chicken for me in the future knows to cut up ridiculously large chicken breasts into smaller portions.

Last week I finally found it: Chicken Strips for All. Sounded tasty (I love dippable things), surprisingly healthy and an interesting way to eat a stupidly large pile of chicken. The good news is that it was just as good as it sounded. I even found panko breadcrumbs, although I need to buy a cooling rack to dedicate to cooking and cut some of the strips smaller because the bottoms were slightly soggy. The dip, though, concealed all deficiencies wonderfully. It’s definitely one to do again and I may even buy some chicken just so that I can make this. Smaller quantities would be good, though: I served this with a bit of spinach and that was more than enough. Serving with a salad or more veggies would have led to an evening of pain and misery, I suspect, and with such a healthy meat part it seems a shame not to carry on the healthy theme with a good protein to veggie ratio. Also, epically huge chicken breasts take forever to defrost.

Tonight was going to be crab and shrimp cakes (another new recipe) but I have to do some things after work. So I’ve got some stew out of the freezer than can be quickly heated with veggies when I get home and the crab cakes will happen tomorrow instead.

Ooh, I just spotted that House is back tonight. Yay-ness 😀

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