Caprica, Doctor Who, books and stuff

A number of things today, catching up with all the stuff I’ve been meaning to comment on and keep forgetting.

Firstly, when the day’s high is -12C (-24 with windchill) then it’s bloody cold. I feel that my little English self needs congratulation for not going out and starting the car warming ten minutes before I left for work this morning. My fingers regained sensation about five minutes before I got to the office.

Caprica, V and Flashforward

Secondly, I can tell that I really need to pay more attention to fandom. If I had paid attention, I would have noticed that the first episode of Caprica (after the pilot) aired on Friday. Eep! I have now seen it, though, and set up my DVR for the rest. My initial feeling is that it isn’t quite BSG, but it’s still very good and there is a lot of potential in the set-up. I’ve been a bit disappointed in Flashforward and V so it’s good to see some new genre programming that keeps me glued. I suspect that if I wasn’t watching V with a friend (so that I can mock the silly bits), I might have given up on it after two episodes. It’s really a show that needs friends, knitting and snacks to be truly appreciated.

Flashforward is sitting on my DVR. Should I take my lack of enthusiasm for watching the three episodes I have to be a sign that I can give up?

The only other significant genre show (from this is of the Pond, anyway) that I’ve really enjoyed this season is Stargate Universe. I know that it’s not caught a lot of my fellow SG fans, but the writing is good, the acting is good and they aren’t taking the obvious route with some of their stories. No, it isn’t the crack-tastic joy that was SGA, but it’s different and I like it.

I think that I’ll have more Caprica thoughts when I’m a few episodes in. So far, I’m loving the way they’re handling Zoe…

Doctor Who

In semi-related news, I have seen yesterday’s Doctor Who casting spoiler and I’m a very, very happy girl. If we can’t have him as the Doctor (that would be awesome overload, I tell ye) then at least he’ll be in an episode. Hell, I’ll be happy if he gets to be on for three minutes being awesome. As it’s the Richard Curtis episode, I think we can assume that he’ll be heavily involved in the plot.

Books! Books! Books!

In book news, I finished Firebird (a Mercedes Lackey that I had somehow never read) yesterday morning and I’ve decided that it can count to my January reading stats. After all, I read all bar five pages in January! I’m actually going to try to keep track of how many and what I read this year. January totalled seven books, only one of them a re-read. Firebird was probably the disappointment of the month: it seemed to lack the lightness of most ML books and I was a little ‘meh’ about the central characters.

The list in full:

Quite Ugly One Morning – Christopher Brookmyre
One Degree of Seperation – Karin Kallmaker
Swordspoint – Ellen Kushner
Silver on the Tree – Susan Cooper
Fortune’s Fool – Mercedes Lackey
Probe – Margeret Wander Bonanno
Firebird – Mercedesl Lackey

I bought the Girls Gone By edition of Chalet School in Exile while I was in England and that was cracked open this morning. I’m really looking forward to seeing what was cut from the Armada paperback that I’m familiar with – will it include that bit where eighteen months are summarised in two sentences? That has always bugged me.

In other book thoughts, Lynn Flewelling posted briefly in her LiveJournal (username otterdance) about a review for Luck in the Shadows. The reviewer was disgusted and suggested that readers would require a bucket to read it. As that’s the tamest of her Alec-Seregil novels, she and most of her fans are currently laughing a lot and wondering what that reviewer will do when he gets to Traitor’s Moon. It’s nice to see bigotry alive and kicking.

I suspect that this is more that sufficient for one post 🙂

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