Random babbles for the day

I am trying to persuade myself that I can’t eat at the bar tonight because that would be unhealthy and break my “do not eat out/buy take out more than twice a month” rule that I instituted last Wednesday.

It is time to kick my back habits into touch. And leave them there.

Maybe I could hop on the treadmill before I go? So that I use up some calories?

Watch me find ways to justify eating out *sigh*

This weeks feels like it’s been a bit less stressful and busy than last week. I think it’s largely because I haven’t had to spend ages doing out and about things after work, nor have I had to do late night snow shovelling either. Getting home and having the luxury of time to cook supper and relax helps a lot with my sanity. I’m shattered, but that’s normal and I’ll be able to catch up a bit at the weekend.

When finances allow, I may look into getting a massage to get some of the tension out of my shoulders and neck. I’m sure that’s not helping my sleep patterns or my headaches.

Hopefully my new glasses will help as well. I had a meeting this week where I realised that the optician was right about my prescription needing updating. Wow, it was hard work reading that presentation! My head afterwards was not happy.

I’ve not been blogging much lately because my major focus has been Ravelympics – I’ve been knitting in every spare moment, although I do reserve half an hour before bed to read and relax. I’m suspecting that my knitting intensity will go down when the Olympics are over. My plan is to play with socks for a couple of weeks before picking up any more big projects. It’s time to remind myself that there are other things that I can do with my evenings. I feel like I’ve been hibernating since Christmas.

The clocks go forward in a couple of weeks. On the one hand, for the first few days I feel like dying due to the change in sleep pattern. On the other hand, it signals that spring is here and I remember how fabulous it felt last year with the evenings suddenly light until nearly 7pm. It will be nice to sit in the kitchen and write while looking out at the ocean, although I must try no to get into bad habits again regarding supper time. At one point last spring, I was only just sitting down for supper at 8.45pm!

As you can tell, this was mostly a post because I haven’t posted in ages. There is nothing so fabulously amazing going on that I needed to write and I’ve been so busy knitting that I’ve barely had time to look at fannish stuff. Although I did spot that new Doctor Who is being promised for “Easter 2010” – yay! Not before time.

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