Death or…actually, I’ll always take the cake option thank you

Last night I ate the last of my tin of marble brownies with my pre-bed cup of tea. It has just occurred to me that I’ll be too busy this weekend for baking. Oh noes! What is a girl to do?

Well, I might have to crack out the Angel Delight and Flake to provide pudding with my tea tonight and tomorrow night. Thursday night is knit night, so no pudding or cake needed, and on Friday I’m sure that I can figure something out. After all, I have little packets of Animals and Chocolate Fingers that I could nosh. Or there are always the Roast Chicken crisps that I picked up at the weekend.

But still, no baking time this weekend and I do love some homemade baked goods with my evening cuppa.

Then I remembered something. I had genius and foresight when I made that last batch of brownies. Some of them went into the freezer. Phew! I can defrost and continue with the baked goods next week. The weekend after that should be much quieter, so I’ll have some time to play around in the kitchen again.

Then it’s the Easter weekend and I have Plans. I’m going to make hot crossed buns on Good Friday and force my aunt to sample them fresh from the oven. I’m so mean 😀

Then I may try making a simnel cake. If I can source some marzipan. Hmm. I’ll have to look when I’m in the superstore on Friday to see whether it’s sold here. If it is…

Battenburg cake!

Yes, I may have a ridiculous fondness for cakes that involve quantities of marzipan.

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