Knitting progress in 2010

BossBoss has decided that we can all goof off for a couple of hours tomorrow and go to the cinema. Isn’t he a nice boss? It will be partially over our lunch hour (he’s giving us the rest of the time and we don’t have to make anything up) so I’m seriously contemplating trying a pretzel as my movie snack. Never had one before but everyone keeps assuring me that I’ll love them. My BossBoss is really quite lovely.

I haven’t talked about knitting here for a while. No, I have no idea why because I’ve been doing quite a bit and 2010 already has three finished objects to its credit.

January was the cowl-necked sweater that I’ve already blogged. I really love it and wear it whenever I can get away with the “hey, didn’t you wear that the other day?” thing.

When that was finished, I cast on for some socks that I’d be able to put aside during the Olympics. Those became my socks of hatred, sadly. The pattern is good, the yarn is soft and will be lovely on my feet. I just hated the colours. It was a relief to put them aside an concentrate on madly knitting an entire sweater (short-sleeved, but still…) during the Olympics.

I finished with a couple of hours to spare and I’m really pleased with it. Just need to source some good vintage buttons for the back closure. The pattern is from a vintage book, originally printed in the ’30s and really lovely. Now I want to find a high-waisted pencil skirt to wear with it 🙂 Or possibly some 30s/40s style wide-legged tweedy trousers would also look amazing.

With the Olympics over, it was back to the socks of hatred. I could tell that I wasn’t loving them because I’d find any excuse not to knit them. There were entire evenings when I was catching with TV – usually a prime knitting time – with the socks sitting beside me untouched and unloved. Using the cats as an excuse for why I wasn’t knitting them grew old very fast.

This past weekend I got fed up and decided to get them gone. I was nearly at the heel of the second one on Thursday, barely touched my knitting on Saturday, and still managed to get within a couple of rounds of finishing at the curling on Sunday. They finally got finished, bound-off and ends woven in yesterday lunch time. I feel so much happier about knitting now that I don’t have to work on them! I’ll try to get some photos up shortly so that everyone else can judge how hideous they are.

To celebrate, I decided to cast on a pattern that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. It’s called Spring Forward and they looking like fun, happy, spring-ish socks. The weather has been warm and sunny for the last few days and it feels like spring has started, so these socks are very appropriate! I’m using the Sea Wool that I bought last September and already loving it so much more than the socks of hatred. It’s a variegated yarn with pinks, yellows, greens and greys in soft pastels so it’s rather a cheerful yarn. Seal Wool is 70% merino, 30% seacell and it’s got a fabulous sheen to it. I’m already excited about what they’ll look liked when the lace section starts.

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