Doctor Who 5.06: Vampires of Venice

What a fun episode!

I had a feeling that this would be a fun episode because of the previews showing that Rory would be there. He’s a lovely character, quite sweet, and I’d been hoping we’d see him again.

I wasn’t expecting that he’d be quite so insightful, that was a nice surprise. His moment when he yelled at the Doctor and told him that he makes people want to impress him so they’ll do dangerous things was perfect and there was a lot of truth to it. All the companions tend to find new depths of bravery resourcefulness when they travel with the Doctor. It’s what people do: he inspires them to be more than they were. Whether that’s always good for them isn’t something we think about much and it’s not something that the Doctor gets called on.

After that scene, I was expecting that Rory would go home at the end of the episode. It seems like Rory is discovering his own strength and bravery not for the Doctor, but for Amy. The Rory that we first met would definitely have left at the end. It seems that Rory has discovered why Amy became so quickly addicted to travelling.

I loved that the Doctor’s reaction to Amy kissing him was to send her on a date with her fiancee 🙂 He was being a marriage councillor! He was also quite right that Amy kissing him was a reaction to stress rather than any deep emotional love for him and I did rather like Amy’s big kiss for Rory when they’d defeated the fish boy.

Wonder whether that’s why Rory wants to join Team Tardis?

The aliens in the story were great, although not as scary as I thought they’d be. More unnerving than scary, with the humour in the episode keeping them from being scary. It did seem rather more about the Doctor, Amy and Rory than the story around them this week. I wonder whether that’s because next week’s episode looks very intense and we’ve just had an intense two-parter, so this was the breathing space episode?

I suspect that the image from the episode that will stay with me was that shot of the Doctor’s head poking out of the cake, looking slightly confused. Heh.

I’m loving Matt Smith more each week. I may have to confess that I’m slightly preferring him to David Tennant. Only slightly, though! I think it’s the lightness and the fun that he injects, while also hinting that he’s got other things going on.

The discussion of the cracks and the silence gets more intriguing. I’ve got no idea where Moffat is going with this.

I feel like there is more that I wanted to discuss, but I’m drawing a blank for now. It was a lovely, fun episode that doesn’t do anything terribly big and serious, but does provide a nice interlude between some fairly major episodes. Is it next week yet?

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