Dented cars and brilliantly funny Wil Wheaton fan art (no, really, it’s awesome)

So, today has started off kind of sucky and I’m hoping that this is a sign that things will get better rather than an early predictor for the rest of the week.

My car, which was only repaired a couple of months ago from a mystery ding that may be related to the neighbourhood kids play street hockey, has been dinged. Again. On the same panel. There is some cosmic hate on for that door, I think.

The good thing is that the girl who dinged it tracked me down (it was at work and she’s the girl who keeps the lists for the carpark passes, phew!) so that we could do the insurance thing and work out what to do. I’m taking it to the place that repaired the last ding (well, at least they know my car…) to get an estimate tonight, to see whether it’s going to be cheaper in the long-run for her to pay out of pocket than run it through the insurers. The bit that I’d really like to avoid is having my premium hiked by someone else’s actions, so we’ll see how this goes. I’m hoping that it won’t cost much and I won’t need to rent a car while it’s done because that always pushes up the costs.

It’s going to be another crazy busy week so this isn’t exactly what I wanted to be doing. This is the only evening when I have enough of a window to actually get the estimate sorted out – the next time that I’m not going straight from work to another event is Friday.

Wow, just typing that makes me tired.

My menu plan for the week looks rather silly, what with most of the week being marked as ‘eating out’ and all.

I’ve been a little bit surprised by the fire storm on my self image post. The main reason I wrote it is to explain why, despite everyone’s reassurances, the person that I see myself as doesn’t match what everyone else is telling me. It will probably never match and I’m sort of OK with that. Or if not OK, then I mostly don’t think about it until I need to dress up pretty and discover that I have no pretty to dress up in. The thing that is reassuring is that there are other people who know exactly what I’m talking about and why I talked about it. Also, it’s reassuring that there are other people who have gone out there and taken steps to learn how to dress nicely and how to do the ‘girly’ things that I’m clueless about. Much advice there for me to read, digest, and hopefully make use of. Thank you đŸ˜€

In slightly more fun news, everyone needs to go and see this post on Scalzi’s Whatever: Brilliant Wil Wheaton-John Scalzi fan art with competition!

That picture is just too brilliant for words. Seriously.

Is it bad that I’m trying to come up with some ideas for the competition? And may have a first sentence?

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