How to panic two women

Remove their kitchen ahead of schedule.

When I last wrote, I was off to meet with the kitchen designer with Mum. It was a very productive meeting and we left feeling very happy with the proposed kitchen. We even had the appliances ordered and the designer was going to have designs (with pictures!) for us to approve in a few days so that the cabinets could be ordered. On Thursday, Mum went in and ordered the new flooring and we were making plans for what we’d cook to put into the freezer so that meals in our temporary kitchen would be a bit easier.

We’re going to have a toaster oven, microwave and two-ring burner set up in the craft room so that we can cook reasonably decent stuff, but lack of prep area is going to make any significant cooking tricky. So we wanted to get lots of easy to reheat stuff into the freezer in anticipation of that. Plus, obviously, we needed to have lots of baked goods in the freezer so that we didn’t feel deprived of tasty treats during a stressful time.

Then on Friday our contractor called to say that he could start work earlier than anticipated. Say, er, Wednesday.


Mum said yes, obviously, but it’s been a bit mad trying to get everything done in the much shorter time period. I might not have taken it well on Friday, when I was so tired from insomnia that I felt ill and shouldn’t have actually gone to work. Thankfully I picked up a lot and yoga yesterday morning helped a lot with the feeling of overall ick.

We’ve managed to get a few things down in the freezer and a lot of the cupboards are empty. We’re trying not to pack anything away that we’ll need and organise things so that the commonly used things (food as well as tools) are easily accessible, but it’s tricky when we’re so short on time and just want to move everything quickly.

It’s not just the kitchen. Our dining room is also being refloored and our upstairs living room will be hosting our dining room. The dirt and dust from the work means that we’ll be dust-sheeting everything in that living room – the curse of the open plan house. The craft room will be our temporary kitchen, so we need to make sure all the crafty stuff we’ll need isn’t hidden behind things. Also, part of our rec room downstairs is going to be a storage and construction area for all the cabinets, appliances etc. so there’s some reorganizing down there to make sure that everything can be done without us losing access to the only relaxation area we’ll have left. Six weeks with no access to comfy chairs could kill us!

The other thing we’ll be doing is sending the cats to stay with my aunt until the worst of it is over. I’m getting a little weepy because I’ll miss the girls so much. This is going to be hideously stressful and frustrating and I won’t have little purr machines to comfort me!

This is why the baked treats and crafting supplies are going to be essential. Mum and I may go mad without them.

So, that’s been my life for the last couple of days. I might be spotty on-line for the next few days while we get sorted out, but then I’ll be back possibly with pictures of the destruction.

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  1. kitchenguy
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 08:42:20

    Rather you than me; it sounds horrendous. Good luck!


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