Kitchen renovation: day one

Lessons learned today:

1) A sledge-hammer is a very slow way to take up ceramic tiles.

2) Homebase rents out machines that take up ceramic tiles v. fast.

3) The original house builder felt no need to put dry wall behind the cabinets.

4) He did carefully put in dry wall around the vent for the range hood, where there should have been a cut-out.

5) The fridge runs perfectly fine if it is the only appliance plugged into our craft room.

6) The kettle is also fine.

7) Possibly so is the toaster oven.

8 ) Running the little two-ring stove-top (with only the fridge plugged in as well, on a different plug but in the same room) will blow the all plugs in the craft room aka our temporary kitchen.

9) After this happens, the trip switch on the circuit board will not un-trip.

10) An electrician will be required.

11) It’s a good thing the contractor hadn’t removed the stove yet today.

12) I don’t cope well if I’m threatened with not having a coffee maker.

13) It’s a good thing the contractor had left one cabinet under a plug in the kitchen. Coffee maker and kettle work fine in there.

14) When the plugs in the temporary kitchen blow, the fridge stops working.

15) Thank goodness for 100ft heavy duty extension cords.

16) It’s going to be a very, very long few weeks.

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