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You know how sometimes life just can’t give you a break? It throws everything at you all at once?

Right now, my kitchen is a bare room with holes in the walls, some of them at ground level and large enough for small cats to get through and get lost inside the walls. It’s also got sharp nails poking out of the floor. This bare room thing also means that preparing meals involves transporting a table plus any cooking devices (e.g. toaster oven) into the kitchen each time we want to make supper.

Added to this, my car is going into the shop for repairs (someone dinged it) on Tuesday so I will be transport-less for most of the week.

Also, we have workmen coming in most days this week and important deliveries (cabinets!) at the end of the week.

This we can cope with. The cats are with my aunt, mum is home during the day, I can car-pool. Mum and I can cope.

This morning, my uncle in Manitoba died. He and Mum weren’t that close, so she’s doing pretty well, but my aunt is completely devastated. Mum is over at my aunt’s right now.

I’m fine, don’t worry. I’d met my uncle a couple of times and spoken to him half a dozen times, so he’s a rather distant figure for me.

The problem is that coping with this week was rather dependent on the cats being with my aunt and my mum being here, plus us not needing to go anywhere after the car went to be fixed.

Seeing the problem here? Mum and aunt are probably going to Manitoba on the first flight they can find. There will be three cats (mine plus my aunt’s) here, in a house that is currently unsafe for cats and a cooking situation that requires careful, delicate working to avoid lighting the house up. There will also be workmen and deliveries, with my mum not here. Plus there is likely to be running around needed, with no car and no aunt-with-car to help out if we need to get somewhere urgently.

This is going to get very complicated, very difficult and probably insanely stressful. Uncle, you couldn’t have waited two weeks to die? (I’m allowed to say this – my aunt said it this morning, we’re that kind of family).

Dear universe,

You suck.

No love,

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