Doctor Who 5.13: The Big Bang

I am slightly calmer about it now. But still ridiculously happy about this episode 🙂 There was an insane amount of squeeing last night, because this episode was so much better than I could ever have hoped for.

There are definitely going to be spoilers ahead.

I have to start at the end, because the end was the bit that made me happiest and most excited. Team Tardis flying off for adventure, with Rory and Amy married and the Doctor in a tux was just the best thing ever. I loved it. How could I not love it, when this was the ending that I’d been madly hoping for and totally not expecting to get?

RTD, this is how to do a season finale with massive emotional punch that doesn’t leave people wanting to slit their wrists or possibly kill you. This might be the first season finale that I haven’t felt the urge to write a fix for.

Also, RTD, that is how to resolve your cliff-hanger without losing all of its impact. There was no quick resolution, the opening to this episode was brilliantly done and didn’t feel like a let-down. As much as I loved many of RTD’s two-parters, the resolution to the cliff-hanger was nearly always an anti-climax because it was solved too quickly. This one got it just right.

It was quite a change of pace from the first part. The first part was about huge casts of characters doing epic things. This part was still epic in terms of ideas and what needed to happen, but it was also about four people. It was more intimate in many ways and gave us a chance to really see what Amy, Rory, River and the Doctor could do. I didn’t even notice the change in scale until I was reading another blog because it felt ‘right’ for this story.

There were so many wonderful moments. I loved having little Amelia back, she was so brilliant the first time and she was even better this time. Her willingness to imagine and go along with it was lovely. The disappointment in her face when no Tardis landed on her shed, even though she didn’t know that a Tardis was supposed to land on her shed, was heartbreaking. The Doctor carrying her back up to her bed and telling her about how he stole the Tardis almost made me wish that we’d had an entire season of the Doctor and Amelia.

There is one tiny little quibble that I have. The two sonics created sparks when the Doctor touched them together. The Blinovich Limitation Effect has been shown previously to still be in New Who. Why could Amy touch Amelia without destroying the universe? Was it because most of the universe had already been destroyed?

I’m hand-waving a few things where logic broke down because this episode was just too much fun to worry about those things too much. River Song was awesome and it’s possible that she’s one of those characters that just gets more awesome each time we see her. Facing down that Dalek and having him beg for mercy was brilliant.

The fez!

It was so much fun to see the Doctor saying “come along Ponds” and then just pull them along.

The Doctor popped into the Angels episode and it was beautiful. That bit makes more sense now that we know what he did.

Rory staying to watch over the box for two thousand years was both beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m so glad that Amy and Rory finally got their happy ending.

I know everyone talks about the fairytale nature of Moffat’s stories this year, but this really kept up that feeling. As mad as it was in places, it was also magical.

There was a part of me that worried that an Amy growing up in a happy house might not be ‘our’ Amy. Having her remember the raggedy Doctor anyway and require psychiatrists – she’s still ‘our’ Amy, only her life makes a little more sense now.

One of the terrific things about this story is that it tied up some things, tied into so much of the entire season, and yet left us with a mystery for next year: what is ‘the Silence’ and what destroyed the TARDIS? We’ve also got the prospect of an amazing Christmas special as well, with Team Tardis intact and being amazing.

Seriously, this episode had me in tears in places and yet left me so happy and filled with hope and excitement that I can hardly stand it. Mr Moffat, you are awesome.

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  1. Lesley
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 00:42:06

    The theory discussed in Who hoars is that Amy and Amelia could be together because the universe is collapsing anyway, so the creation of a paradigm doesn’t matter. Think on it, Amelia disappeared shortly after because history was collasping behind them.

    I agree the season finale was amazing. I am so looking forward to seeing where we go from here.


  2. Lesley
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 00:44:19

    Also, I have no idea why that image appears with my name. I had motherhood blog on wordpress several years ago (when my girl was small) but it was short lived and I deleted the account and I’m using a different email address than what was attached to that account.

    Yet there it is, following me around the internets.



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