Kitchen update – there is actual progress

Apparently setting a deadline has been remarkably effective for our contractor because he has now been here three days in a row, for most of the day each time, and actually achieved things.

The big achievement is the new sub floor. That was two days of hellish hammering and I completely sympathise with the contractor for leaving mid-afternoon yesterday after hammering nails every 4 square inches, 2 inches at seams, across the entire surface of my large kitchen-dining room from early in the morning. I’m not sure how he could move this morning.

The new sub floor was needed and it was something the contractor had been resisting due to the work involved but, when he started prepping the existing floor boards, he acknowledged why we were insisting. The guy who built the house obviously used the crappy, cheap bits of whatever he had lying around at the end of the build. The floor had a ton of knot holes, it was terribly splintered and there were lots of deep, splintery gouges that can’t all have been from taking up the original ceramic flooring, which was on sub floor that was also taken up. Our new vinyl laminate flooring is not hard boards, it’s flexible so it would have ended up with pits and dints very quickly.

Anyway, two days later we have new sub floor and the flooring will go down after he finishes a couple of other jobs. Today he got the dishwasher in place and installed and the end panel for the counter it is under secured. He also got the stove top secured to the counter and sealed properly. Next job is the ducting for the range hood, I think.

I’m just so happy to see progress! Work is still filled with pain and frustration (I’m trying to turn bad source data into sensible data warehouse data) but at least I’m not also dealing with kitchen frustrations and tantrums when I get home.

My computer is even continuing to behave. Things are looking up. Why am I waiting for the other shoe to drop now?

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