2010: A Year in Review (books edition)

A year in books

My 75 in 2010 thread: http://www.librarything.com/topic/94956

This has been the first time I’ve ever kept track of my reading and I’m quite proud that I managed to work through 79 books during the year, particularly when I think about the stuff that I’ve been reading that I couldn’t find a way to include in the list. I have to say, this has definitely been a good year for reading.

Highlight books of 2010 were:

Swordspoint – Ellen Kushner
Old Man’s War – John Scalzi
All the Windwracked Stars – Elizabeth Bear
Spirit – Gwyneth Jones
The City and the City – China Mieville
The Wizards of Caprona – Diana Wynne Jones
The White Road – Lynn Flewelling
84 Charring Cross Road – Helene Hanff
The Moonstone – Wilkie Collins

These are the new-to-me books that I can honestly say have stayed with me and inspired me. Not all of them were easy fun reads (All the Windwracked Stars was a particularly tough one) but they’re ones that I’ll not forget as the years go by and I suspect that I’ll be looking for other things by those authors. Only two authors (Bear and Flewelling) were ones that I had previously read and several of the books came from recommendations in the 75 books group on LibraryThing. So far, everything that I’ve read based on recommendations from that group has been excellent and I’ve got a number of things queued already to read next year.

I really can’t decide whether 84 Charring Cross Road or The City and the City were may favourite reads of 2010. I loved them both, for very different reasons, and the writing is phenomenal.

Plans for next year

I’m doing the 75 books challenge again next year and I’ve already got ideas for things that I want to read during the year. As part of the 75 book group, I’ll be doing an Austen-athon through the year trying to read all of Jane Austen’s books. We’re starting with Sense and Sensibility, which is a re-read for me but I adore it so it should be fun.

I got Soulless by Gail Garriger and The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey for Christmas and they are both definite January reads because I’m really excited about them. Between my birthday and the order that I’m putting in to use up some Chapters vouchers, I should also have some new Mercedes Lackey books that I will be devouring. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson is on my Kindle, so that will also be a January read I suspect.

Beyond that, I’ve got a groaning wishlist of things to track down and I’ve got Mount TBR to work my way through next year. I’ve also picked out a few non-fiction books from my shelves that I want to go through:

William Rufus by F. Barlow (a biography of Willian II of England, who died in a hunting ‘accident’ and intrigues me)
The Perfect King: The Life of Edward III, Father of the English Nation by Ian Mortimer
Knights Templar in Britain – Evelyn Lord
Britain in the Middle Ages: An Archaeological History by Francis Pryor

Yeah, my non-fiction reading tends towards medieval history more than anything else and these are books that have been lurking on my shelves for over a year so I really want to tackle them.

I’m already really excited about my 2011 reading!

You can follow along here, if you’d like: http://www.librarything.com/topic/104810

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