2012 is going to be a year that is sadly bereft of conventions for me. Big sad face on that front.

However, 2013 and 2014 look to be good years. I’m probably going to Redemption (Coventry, England) as usual in February 2013.

The really exciting thing is that I’m planning to go to Worldcon (finally!) because the bid that is most likely to win because it’s the only bid is for a London venue. I’ve bought my pre-attending membership. I’ve bought my supporting (not attending) membership for this year’s Worldcon so that I can vote in the site bid.

If the bid goes through, my tickets get automatically converted to a full attendance membership. Then I just have to book hotels and flights and I’m there. It’s so exciting!

My supporting membership for this year’s Worldcon allows me to vote on everything at that con, not just the site selection for 2014. In other words, I’ll be voting for the 2012 Hugos. As this is a very important set of awards in the SF community, I’m very excited and just a wee bit nervous. After the shortlist is published, I foresee a lot of reading so that I can vote responsibly if I haven’t already read the books and stories. Thankfully my voting pack should include e-copies of them all 😀

I’ll then have to see how my vacation works out for whether or not I can attend Redemption in 2015. That’s so far away, though, that I’m not going to stress about it for a while yet.

I’m going to Worldcon!

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