England, I am going to be in you!

Despite yesterday’s sadness at no conventions for 2012, there is a big trip scheduled for this year.


Um, yes, this is my native land and thus the excitement may seem a little odd. Let me explain why I am getting so darned excited about this, via bullet points:

  • Almost every trip last year, barring my England trip for Redemption, had to be cancelled due to illness
  • Almost every day out last year had to be cancelled due to illness or bad weather
  • Apart from the convention and one supervised trip to London, I spent last year’s England trip recuperating in my parent’s house
  • My Christmas 2009/2010 England visit was spent largely trapped in my parent’s house by snow
  • I have got some truly epic plans for the trip that will counter-act all of these disappointments

I am currently in remission from the ulcerative colitis. Unless I’m supremely unlucky, this should hold. The trip is carefully planned to be well outside the radius of snow on either side of the Atlantic so weather cannot disrupt my plans. And what plans!

My itinerary so far:

May 19th: Arrive at Heathrow, return to parents’ house for napping and pottering around

May 20th: Visit Mum’s family

May 21st: TBD

May 22nd/23rd: Hay-on-Wye! Where all the second hand bookshops live!

May 24th: TBD

May 25th: My first time on the London Eye followed by afternoon tea at Brown’s (the inspiration for the location in At Bertram’s Hotel by Agatha Christie)

May 26th-29th: TBD

May 30th: Into London for the matinee of Matilda the Musical

May 31st-June 1st: TBD

June 2nd: Fly back to Canada

There are quite a few TBD periods in there and I’m informed that at least one day in each week must be a quiet, restful day so that I don’t overtire myself and get sick again. However, I also need to pack in a visit with my father’s family, lunch with a friend in London (with maybe worship in the halls of Foyle’s and Picadilly Waterstones), supper with another friend, an afternoon in the lovely local second hand bookshop,  and visits to a few of my favourite England eateries.

Er, yes, the trip does seem to be largely centred around books and food. Is that a bad thing? I’m cream tea deprived over here so I’m hoping for at least one cream tea in addition to my afternoon tea in the posh hotel. London is featuring a lot and I’m insisting on stopping for cake in Patisserie Valerie at least once. There is also the Chinese restaurant near my parents’ house that served the best duck pancakes and lemon chicken I’ve ever eaten and of course I need fish and chips from a proper chippie as well.

Good thing it looks like there will be a lot of walking during my trip. My waist-line will need it!

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