It’s a good thing I’ve not got heart problems…

Every two weeks I inject myself with a very expensive medication that is a big part of the reason why I’m currently in remission from ulcerative colitis. It’s very, very expensive but I have an excellent drug plan through my job (I should do, I work for the insurance company that provides my drug plan!) so all my life sustaining medications have a simple $10 copay for each refill. My plan covers everything else. As all my colitis meds are life-sustaining, it works out nicely for my insanely expensive medication.

Except today when I went to pick up the pen for tomorrow’s injection, the charge was $155.


It was an error, thankfully, that I’m not going to query too closely and it took my lovely pharm techs a while to work out what had happened.

However, it did give me rather a heart attack and I was shaky for a while afterwards. That is a lot of money to find each month for meds that I can’t just stop taking or reduce the frequency I take them. Ouch.

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