Recipe report!

So, there was a lot of cooking that happened over the weekend. I got kitchen-itchy.

I can safely report that the Caramelised Apple, Honey and Frangipane Tart is delicious. And also that there is a good reason for the 2cm crust that is recommended – any less and you risk major frangipane overflow. Not that this is terrible, but it does make for a slightly less beautiful tart. I halved the recipe, which meant that I got the fun of weighing and dividing an egg in half, but I’m glad I made that call because it’s rich and I couldn’t have eaten the full recipe before it went bad.

I also made Spicy Roasted Chickpeas to have around as a snack. These didn’t go quite as well, although it was no fault of the recipe. The spice level is just right and the ones that crisped up are gorgeous. However, I definitely need to make sure that the chickpeas are patted very dry before putting them into the spice/oil mix because they don’t crisp up much if they’re too soggy. At least I know that now.

Finally, I made a two-serving tuna lasagne and put the unused half of the filling (the filling recipe makes 4 portions) into the freezer. In a couple of weeks I’ll see how that worked.

I’m already planning next week’s little marathon…

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