Weekend kitchen plans!

I’ve got another big weekend in the kitchen planned. I’ve also got a lot of Six Nations rugby to watch, so I’ll be on a tight schedule here. It’s hard not to get over ambitious when I’m having a big cooking itch and have other stuff to do so that I can’t Bake All The Things!

Anyway, this is the current plan:

Goat’s cheese and chive corn bread muffins. I saw this recipe a couple of weeks ago and immediately wanted to make it. The description sounds delicious, it’s not too unhealthy and it would make a nice change from my toast/fancy cheese/salad/apple sauce lunch. However, cornbread requires an accompaniment so I’ll also be constructing…

Bean and lentil soup. No recipe because I’ll be making it up as I go. Probably some carrots and an onion,  definitely red lentils, crushed tomatoes, low sodium vegetable stock and water, plus whatever beans look intriguing to try when I’m doing my shopping this weekend. There will probably also be a bay leaf and some spices of some kind as well. It’s rare for me to actually follow a recipe for soup.

Rhubarb season is just starting here and I want a new way to eat rhubarb beyond the usual stewing, crisps and crumbles. Not that these are bad ways to eat rhubarb but it’s nice to change things up a bit. Luckily I spotted rhubarb streusel muffins on smitten kitchen last week and immediately needed to have them. I think these may be a nice change in my breakfast routine – a muffin with a ramekin (i.e. very small serving) of homemade granola and yoghurt. My love for homemade granola knows no bounds (I’ve been known to eat it for supper sometimes on extremely lazy Friday nights) but (wo)man cannot live on granola alone. Or something.

A friend discussed fish pie this week and now I need to make one. I’ve got this little individual lasagne dish that I haven’t actually used yet (I keep making too much lasagne for it) so I plan to christen it with a single portion of fish pie. This is something that I normally regard as way too fiddly to do for one portion (and it doesn’t freeze well), but when a girl’s got a craving…

On Sunday I’m totally planning to have a pre-prepared something from the butcher (stuffed chicken breast or beef rouladen both sound good) that can just be stuck in an over for a while. It’s lazy, but I suspect Saturday will exhaust me.

I took an inventory of my freezer last night and I’m down to the last portion or two of most things. It’s my way of having tasty, homecooked ready meals through the week. So starting next weekend, there’s going to be some serious batch cooking and freezing happening for a few weeks. Current candidates are some old favourites (chili, shepherd’s pie, slow-cooker beef stroganoff), a new recipe (slow-cooker chicken tikka masala) and a veggie option or two (dhal, cheese and lentil loaf or lentil shepherd’s pie all are favourites).

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