Hugo nominations

Remember I said that I’m a supporting member of this year’s Worldcon, Chicon 7?

Not only do I get to vote in the Hugos, but because I purchased the membership before a certain deadline I also get to nominate stuff.

Oh, the pressure. Eep!

And the deadline is on Sunday, so I’ve spent the last couple of days reading back through my 2011 book reviews and early 2012 reviews to work out what I read that is a) eligible and b) worthy.

Shockingly, I only read three or four books that are actually eligible and only one of those feels like a Hugo-worthy one. Must do better this year. Also, I’m going to have so much reading to do when the list comes out…

Thanks to my Asimov’s subscription, I have read multiple things that I want to nominate in the short story, novelette and novella categories. I have to admit, that stunned me somewhat.

Short form drama I’m also feeling happy with – there are two stand-out Doctor Who episodes that I want to nominate and one Once Upon a Time episode. I suspect that Fringe will get a nod so I need to get my Fringe DVD watching going so that there’s a chance that I might have watched whatever gets nominated.

There are two films that I’m happy to nominate for long form drama, although whether they’ll actually make the list is something that I’m not sure about. They are quite…commercial.

The rest of the categories…well, it’s a good thing that I don’t have to put in nominations in all the categories is all I’m saying.

April, May and June are going to involve so much reading and watching.

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