Recipe review: rhubard muffins

Verdict: Delicious!

Repeat: Definitely.

Additional notes: see the end of the review for notes on what I would change/had to change.

I had a big weekend of baking and the first thing on my list (because I wanted to eat them for breakfast) was the rhubard streusel muffins from smitten kitchen.

The muffin itself is not very sweet so most of the sweetness comes from the streusel on top. That allows the rhubarb to come through nicely. Mine were quite sweet (for rhubarb) so there wasn’t the kind of mouth-puckering sourness that I’d half expected. The muffin is very moist and I’ll be interested to see how the keep because the areas adjacent to rhubarb chunks were almost wet.

They’re delicious warm and I think that I’ll be warming them in the microwave for a few seconds on future mornings. A number have been packed away in the freezer so I’ll see how those ones fare versus the ones in an airtight box in the cupboard.

It’s worth noting that I needed to cook them for around 25 minutes to get them completely cooked. Also, next time I’d mix together the dry ingredients for the streusel but I wouldn’t pour the butter on and mix it up until the moment before I need it. The stuff clumped into large, hard lumps that needed breaking up because it took me around half an hour to get from making the streusel to folding it in and topping off the muffins.

ETA: Warming in the microwave works very nicely, but a couple of minutes in the toaster oven probably works even better. The micro makes the streusel soften. Heating in the toast oven may be a weekend treat 😀

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