Recipe review: cornbread muffins with goats cheese and green onions

Verdict: Om nom gorgeous!

Repeat: Definitely.

I found the recipe for cornbread muffins with goats cheese and green onions a couple of weeks ago and immediately started plotting when I could use it. I’ve also been trying to figure out some things to speed up and jazz up my lunch preparation.

Cooking these muffins to serve with a bowl of spicy bean and lentil soup (my own recipe, I may post it if anyone is interested) seemed like the perfect solution to both dilemmas.

These muffins worked beautifully. I needed to give them the full 20 minutes (I might even give them 22 next time) to get them cooked through and I used yellow cornmeal so they were only just starting to get a hint of darker colour on top when I took them out. The cornbread taste is quite mild so the cheese and onions really stand out. They were a particularly good contrast with the soup, if I may say.

I’ve kept a few in an airtight container so I’ll see how they fare. I’ll probably warm them a little in the microwave when I’m eating them at work during the week. The rest are in the freezer and I’ll see how they defrost and reheat later in the week. Great recipe and the instructions are spot-on. It took me perhaps 10 minutes to mix them up making them a great quick prep item.

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