Recipe review: slow-cooker chicken tikka masala

Verdict: Amazing!

Do again?: Definitely

I saw this recipe for chicken tikka masala in the slow cooker a couple of weeks ago and immediately knew that I needed to make it. I only eat meat three or four times a week, but for the main part it is beef and pork with chicken only rarely and, when I eat chicken, usually a prepared chicken something from my butcher.

So I know that I should be switching some of my red meat out for chicken or turkey, but I’m not actually that keen on either. It’s usually too dry and tasteless and most recipes start with breast meat, which is my least favourite part of poultry.

This recipe uses boneless skinless chicken thighs, which I hadn’t even known existed before. They are (for me) a much tastier cut and co-incidentally around half the price of breast. The high price of chicken in Canada compared to beef was the other factor putting me off using it more, so it looks like these lovely chicken thighs will be my go-to chicken cut from now on.

The recipe is delicious. You can vary the heat levels (I carefully only pricked my jalapeno lightly so mine was not hot at all), the meat is fall-apart tender and the taste is amazing. It’s also remarkably healthy and low fat!

I ate one portion with rice and put another six me-sized portions into the freezer. I froze it before adding the final couple of spoonfuls of yoghurt just in case the yoghurt didn’t freeze well – I’ll do that final step when I re-heat it. I’m very happy with this recipe and will definitely be repeating it if it freezes well.

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