Recipe review: Penne and zucchini carbonara

Verdict: Delicious

Do again: Definitely

I kind of followed this recipe, but not particularly faithfully. It was really more of a case of taking the basic idea (replace some of the pasta in carbonara with zucchini) and using it in my usual carbonara.

I usually cook 2oz of pasta, so for this I only cooked 1oz and replaced the rest with a large zucchini, sliced into short sticks. I added the zucchini to the pasta pot around 3 minutes before the penne was cooked and used my usual egg/cheese/pepper combo for the carbonara sauce.

One thing that I did change is that I usually use some diced maple cured bacon and for this one, I used a small amount of pancetta. This is not something that I usually use and I was able to get just a tiny bit from the deli. The stuff is a lot saltier than my usual bacon so I didn’t add any more salt to anything. It’s definitely a “little goes a long way” thing as far as flavour is concerned!

I definitely like this option to healthify one of my favourite pasta dishes. The zucchini makes it a bigger, more satisfying portion while reducing calories and increasing the healthy-stuff content. It’s tasty and I’m now wondering what other pasta dishes I could do this with.

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