Book update (not just Hugo reads!)

Somehow, despite not feeling like I’d read a vast amount over the weekend, I finished the March issue of Asimov’s and got halfway through Agatha H and the Airship City. I’ve still got a couple of Asimov’s issues on my Kindle to read, but I got myself started on one of my pre-Hugo reads instead.

Pro tip: never check the page length of a just-started novel.

The third George R. R. Martin book is 973 pages long. I’m trying to persuade myself that this isn’t as close to a thousand pages as it sounds. I’m also trying to remind myself that this won’t be the first time I’ve read novels this long – I have read most of David Eddings’ books after all, even his sub-par ones, and some of those were equally long.

The good thing is that A Storm of Swords gets right into the action so I consumed the first thirty pages very quickly.

I’m trying to get Mount TBR (the stack of unread dead tree fiction books) down to under 130 by the time I go to England. Hence the Agatha H. It’s turning out to be a fun romp, not exactly taxing but not too fluffy either. Unfortunately Mount TBR is not helped by my book buying habits. Spy Glass by Maria V. Snyder arrived last week because I needed to add something to an Amazon order to get free shipping.

Why do I always do that when the $12 book is definitely not cheaper than the $2 shipping for a DVD? 🙂

Anyway, when Agatha is finished I think that I’ll need to read several quick children’s books in order to get Mount TBR under 130 before May 18th. This is primarily so that I don’t feel so guilty when twenty books follow me home from England…

Must go to the library this week. My hold on The Unwritten: Volume 4 has come in, which will by my first Hugo graphic novel read.

I’ve watched my first Hugo nominated film, so that review will be coming up tomorrow. Or the day after, maybe.

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