Finishing books has not happened

It’s turning out to be an excellent thing that I got a significant amount of reading done over the last few weeks because this week there hasn’t been a single finished book. Nope, not one. At least with all that reading I’m still way ahead of all my goals for the year.

The fact that I’m reading the third George R. R. Martin book probably isn’t helping there. 978 pages. Gulp.

My discovery of Tumblr and my massive consumption of LiveJournal and Dreamwidth is probably not helping either.

This weekend there should be some finished stuff, though. For a start, I have The Unwritten Vol. 4 out from the library and I need to finish that before I leave for England (in one week!). It’s my first Hugo nominated graphic novel so I’m quite excited.

I’ve also got a very, very long hairdresser appointment tomorrow. I want to be pretty when I visit my family and friends so there is much cutting and dyeing to do. This is mainly because we had some issues with my last dye job (one of the key components was discontinued and my hairdresser’s substitution was considerably more dark brown than the bright red we’d been hoping for) so there is a fair bit of work to do there and my hair has decided to start growing at a rate of two inches every six weeks. As I have short hair, it’s noticeable!

The lengthy appointment with a lot of waiting for dyes to set means that I’m preparing for a lot of media consumption. My Kindle will be coming with me. As will my iPad and I’m planning a big raid on Comixology to put a lot of comics on my iPad. Theoretically this should mean that I’ll get through a lot of actually bloggable reading during the epic appointment.

If I’m not too exhausted afterwards, I may treat myself to a late lunch and a matinee of The Avengers. Or I may go home and flop. It all depends 😀

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