Hugo read: Leviathan Wakes

Leviathan Awakes – James S. A. Corey
This is one of the Hugo-nominated novels that has been in my stack and it is definitely one that I would not have picked up without the Hugo project. It’s more of a pure sci-fi novel than I usually read, lots of space ships and gravity wells and so forth. For the first half of the book, I could not really understand why it had been nominated. It felt very much like the kind of noir-ish mystery sci-fi that I’ve seen a lot of over the years. Then things took a turn for the different and I understand now why it is on the Hugo list. The central characters are not always likeable, but I found them sympathetic and understandable. It is a novel that is very much building towards an idea, contemplating the nature of humanity and change, but Corey does not forget to build a believable world populated by ‘real’ people. It is not my usual read, but it’s definitely a good one.

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