About me (Oh so out of date now)

I’m a twenty-something geek with love of books, food, cats and computers. I spend my days working as a developer and data analyst for a major UK retailer (mainly using SQL and VBA, for the interested). In a couple of years, I plan to move to Canada.

I also have funky joints and chronic pain, which sometimes sucks and sometimes is very funny. Some day, I must write down the silly injury stories.

When I’m not working or studying, I read, write, watch sci-fi, knit and make rugs. I’ve also got a fantastic group of friends that I try to see regularly, although the long-distance ones are more problematic for that! I’ve also been known to attend sci-fi conventions and even steward and run panels at them. Being a part of the sci-fi community has been very rewarding and introduced me to a lot of great people.

Although I’m not the most sporty person around, I enjoy watching cycling and rugby. At the moment, I am waiting for the World Cup to start without any hope of England retaining it. Darn. Edited Feb 2008: They didn’t win, but they came so close. And now I’ve just watched the first match of the Six Nations…it’s so hard to be an England fan sometimes!

My major participatory sport is archery. I’ve been shooting for two years, not including the eighteen month enforced break when my back went completely wonky. I’ve got a beautiful recurve bow (26 pounds, Petron handle, KAP Evolution II limbs) and I’m seriously thinking about buying a long bow in the summer.

This blog gives me a place to vent and I am hoping that it will also help me to keep in contact with all my friends and family as we spread out across the globe. You can find me at Facebook and this blog is imported regularly in there. In the side-bar are links to me on LibraryThing and Flickr (again, Facebook imports these as well so feel free to just join Facebook and friend me as an easy short-cut). Apparently, I can’t resist joining social networks. Thankfully, Facebook gives my RL friends a way to aggregate all my various incarnations.
What about you? Who are you? How do you know me?

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. handward
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 16:09:10

    What about me? I blog for the purposes of silliness. I also like to make net.friends with complete strangers. I clicked on your LibraryThing link and thought that your nerdery and mine are not perfectly synchronized with makes communicating with you like not talking to a recording device and playing it back. I don’t do that. I think if I knew someone did that, it would freak me out.

    Speaking of freakiness, I think I’ve picked not exactly the best time to introduce myself to you since the title of my most recent post is a bit on freaky side. It is a work of comedy.

    Who am I? I’m a little bit private about that. You now have my IP address and can figure some stuff out. You also have a link to my blog.

    How do I know you? I don’t. I just found you on the “recently posted” links and thought you looked interesting.


  2. Fraz
    Nov 24, 2007 @ 11:46:07

    i still remember those funky joints especially the shows u used to do for us in German class. I thought my thumb with no joint was special but ure whole body freaked us out. hope ure ok. catch u on facebook.


  3. archerygirl
    Nov 24, 2007 @ 17:45:42

    Urf, if I’d known how much trouble my freaky joints would eventually cause, I might have held off on the shows! Still, at least I’m memorable 🙂


  4. lori78
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 23:22:29

    Me? Well…blogging gives me the opportunity to think deeply of things…

    How do i know you?? I don’t. I was just randomly clicking and stumble upon your blog, which btw looks fascinating.


  5. lori78
    Mar 30, 2009 @ 23:23:48

    and I love books too!!!


  6. allan marsh
    Aug 03, 2009 @ 08:24:03

    love your page, i would not want to bore anyone with my mundane tasks in the office, my day can be summed up in the term, SSDD yep same shit different day,
    just a quick question though, where is the picture from your page header taken from, i could lose myself in a place that looks as serene as that. see yawl later.


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