On knitting and the Wii Fit Plus. But not doing both at the same time, that would be silly

Right, I promise that today there will be no mention of Doctor Who outside of this sentence. Let’s see how I do, shall we?

I had a bit of a knitting crisis at the weekend. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been knitting some socks (which I love, BTW, and really need to photograph) but on Saturday I finished them and needed a new project. A few months ago I bought some light fingering yarn with vague plans to make a sweater vest. The problem is that there are no patterns out there for a vest in yarn this fine (apparently everyone uses worsted or heavier) and I’ve realised that the major reason that I don’t already own a vest is because I don’t wear them.

Wii Fit! And other Wii stuff

Before I launch into more Doctor Who-related babbles, quick report on the Wii Fit. The balance board and game arrived this week so I decided to set it up today and give it a go.

It’s harder than it looks.

I really like the fact that I can tell it to set up a routine with a particular series of types of exercise and it just goes, no messing around in menus to get the next thing. I can see that is going to be the main way that I use this.

The strength and yoga is where this really, really excels and I suspect that it’s what I’m going to find most useful. Interestingly, despite having a dodgy hip for four years, it’s my left (bad) leg that is strongest particularly when I’m doing one-legged exercises. The right wobbles all over the shop. It’s great getting that kind of feedback and confirmation. Perhaps I’ve been so aware of my left leg issues that I’ve overcompensated for years, working the left harder than the right and ending up with this imbalance?

It’s not exactly unlikely.

Anyway, a lot of these exercises are much harder than you think and but fun at the same time. I even quite enjoyed the step aerobics, although my terrible co-ordination became very obvious.

As one of my big ideas with this was to improve strength, balance and general muscle tone rather than weight loss, I think it’s going to work out really well.

In other Wii news, I may be a little obsessed with Tiger Woods PGA 10. Just a tiny bit. It’s so much fun!

Maybe I’m not ready for Pete Sampras yet…

Today is going to be a very odd day, I fear. Between vacation and sickness, seven members of my ten-strong team are absent. Including all my bosses. Hmm. And everything I was doing needed a meeting with my boss this morning, who is sick.

Epic goof off day ahead, then!

It’s probably a good thing. I’m totally shattered. Due to a lack of bad music (the music was pretty good and quiet enough that we didn’t have to yell over it so I didn’t get a headache) at the pub last night, I stayed out at knit night for way too long. Seriously, any Thursday that involves me rolling home at midnight is too late. It was fun, though.

This evening I am heading out to Montana’s for all you can eat ribs. It has to be done. There will be three of us attempting to eat our body weight in yummy, succulent ribs because we are rabid carnivores and sometimes these things are just necessary.

Tomorrow I shall be much healthier, I promise.

Apparently BBC Worldwide has confirmed that a Doctor Who game is in the worlds for the Wii, potential release date this Christmas. I just happen to own a Wii…

This is something that I have neglected to discuss. My Wii finally (!!) arrived on Friday and it is insanely fun. Of course, I had to go out and buy a better tennis game on Saturday because while the one it came with is fun, it just isn’t quite enough. So I have EA Grand Slam Tennis, which is brilliant. I have been happily losing in straight sets to various tennis legends, although I have finally found a lesser player (Kei Nishimori) who I can win a few points off before losing in straight sets. It’s much more encouraging. The game includes a fitness section, so it tracks the little person that I created to play as and estimates the calories that I’ve used while flailing around like a crazy person. It even lets me set fitness goals. So I have the dual goal of trying to burn calories and also one day win a game (not a match, just one little game) of tennis.

I’m starting small and building up in my goals.

I think that I’m going to get the MotionPlus attachment for sure to make this game even more fun.

The golf game that came with the Wii is also great fun and I’m going to be looking for an upgraded version of that. I want to play on real courses, not highly improbable islands. There appears to be a Tiger Woods PGA game that looks good – anyone know if it’s MotionPlus compatible?

Nintendo has also just brought out a package of racket games – including badminton and table tennis – that I may be looking into for added fun with flailing around.

The Wii Fit and balance board have just been dispatched so I’ll have those soon. I’m not that interested in any of the games where I can just sit around and play. Jumping around like a lunatic is much more fun and I don’t even notice that I’m getting some exercise. It’s working just as intended! I love my Wii 😀