Doctor Who 5.13: The Big Bang

I am slightly calmer about it now. But still ridiculously happy about this episode πŸ™‚ There was an insane amount of squeeing last night, because this episode was so much better than I could ever have hoped for.

There are definitely going to be spoilers ahead.


Doctor Who 5.10, 5.11, 5.12

So, the last few weeks of kitchen renovations and relatives who like to die at the worst times possible (he’s been laughing at us all week, I swear) appears to have made me incapable of writing Doctor Who reviews. How terrible is that? Thus, before I can post my full review of the finale, I need to do a bit of a catch up:

5.10 The Doctor and Vincent


Doctor Who 5.09: Cold Blood

I think that I’m recovered enough to discuss this week’s episode sensibly. Maybe.


Doctor Who 5.08: The Hungry Earth

I feel that it is worth pointing out there are going to be some non-Doctor Who posts as well today. Not necessarily anything that non-DW fans will find interesting, but I am actually posting non-DW stuff.

Er, it’s possible that I’ve been writing things this week and not posting them. Bad me.

Also, it’s possible that I was so enjoying the Victoria Day weekend and thus forgot to post about Doctor Who entirely, which is just wrong. And thus…


Doctor Who 5.07: Amy’s Choice

Now that was quite the episode!


Doctor Who 5.06: Vampires of Venice

What a fun episode!

Doctor Who 5.05: Flesh and Stone

I am honestly not sure where to start. That was really rather brilliant πŸ˜€


Doctor Who 5.04: The Time of Angels

Hmm, my cats are annoyed because I jumped several times and I’m slightly nervous about closing my eyes.

Looks like Moffat succeeded πŸ˜€ Don’t even blink!


Doctor Who 5.03: Victory of the Daleks

I’m hiding this behind a read more cut thingy because I got a little carried away and there are spoilers littered all over the place. You have been warned!


Doctor Who 5.02: The Beast Below

I may have committed major book buying today. Oops. In my defence, they are all award nominees and I’ll be able to form an opinion on what should win now. Er.

Anyway. It’s so good to have Doctor Who to squee about. I’m hiding the rest of this behind a cut because I discuss major spoilers for the entire episode. You have been warned!

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