Daleks in new Doctor Who

In my Time Lords add-on, I already mentioned that the Time Lords and the Daleks went to war and got locked away from time-space before they destroyed the universe. So I won’t go too far into that side of things.

The problem was that not all the Daleks have stayed locked away.

One Dalek fell through the time-lock and was kept for a few years in a facility on Earth. The Emperor Dalek fell through the lock, ended up around 200,000 years in Earth’s future and tried to recreate the Dalek armada complete with attempt to destroy the Earth. As you might surmise, it didn’t end in his favour.

Another group of Daleks, called the Cult of Skaro, hid themselves between dimensions (alternate universes) along with a Time Lord prison ship that contained billions of Daleks. They were stopped and the prisoner Daleks were returned to the space between universes, although some of the Cult members escaped to 1920s New York in an emergency temporal shift. They attempted to create a human-Dalek hybrid for reasons that I didn’t quite grasp, were stopped and one escaped.

That one, Dalek Kaan, found a way through the time-lock to bring Davros (and perhaps others?) out. It, er, might have sent him totally loopy in the process. Davros grew an armada of Daleks from his own cells and tried to destroy the universe (again) but was thwarted by the Doctor and all his modern companions. Last seen, Davros’ ship was destroying itself and he refused to escape. I’m pretty sure that he’ll be back at some stage because nothing seems to kill Davros (and the Daleks) forever.

In fact, I’m sure they’ll be back because there is a rule out there that every Doctor must face the Daleks at some stage and Eleven has only just taken over.

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