Photo post: cats and knitting

First, I know that everyone is most interested in the kittens so that’s where we’ll start. There are a bunch of new cat pictures up.

The rest of the photos can be found in their Year One photo set, the final 17 are new:

Next up is some knitting pictures – I’ve actually taken photos of a couple of recent projects!

This little hat is for a colleague at work and I made it yesterday afternoon. His wife is due in two weeks so we’re throwing a shower this week and I couldn’t let that happen without a handknit. It’s superwash wool and surprisingly soft. I’m so pleased with it – the pattern is called Blueberry Hat. Awww.

These are my Crazy Blue Monkey socks. The yarn is Estelle Araquipa, a wool/alpaca/nylon blend, and I adore both the yarn and the pattern. They look amazing and fit the best of all the socks that I’ve so far made. The one mod I’ll make the next time I do this pattern is to sub the reinforced heel from New Pathways for Sock Knitters because it’s a better shape.

All the pictures of the socks and hat can be found here:

And now I need to do some fic editing before sending stuff to beta.

Is it too soon to be considering a return trip to see Star Trek again?

You don’t want to do that!

You don’t want to do that!
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Annie is contemplating getting on the dining room table. She’ll regret this decision ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve updated the photo set with lots of photos of the girls taken over Christmas. They continue to be ridiculously cute.

Brighton cardigan

Brighton cardigan (front)
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This is the cardigan that I made my sister for Christmas. I was really proud of it and she apparently wore it every day until about a week ago when someone stole it out of her bicycle basket while she was riding along. Tragedy! So I’ll be making her a replacement to cheer her up.

Baby sweater

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This is a sweater that I made for a friend’s baby. She was born yesterday, Valentine’s Day, and I got the gift handed over with two days to spare. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

You can see more photos (including close-ups of the stitch details) here:


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I’m posting a bunch of photos and this is the first lot: my socks! I made these in November and I adore them. I’ve worn them at least once a week since I finished them and there is barely any sign of wear apart from a tiny bit of fuzzing on the sole.

You can see the rest with my other knitting projects here:

Photo post!

Well, there are no actual photos here, but there are clickable links to things.

After many requests, I have new photos Kate and Annie! I shall be trying to update this set regularly with new photos:

I also have the photos from my trip to Mahone Bay last month. There was a scarecrow festival and it was great fun:

We actually went for yarn and tea, but the scarecrows were a great bonus.

Lastly, this is me at Halloween:

Blame my aunt for it.

Things I did today:
Cleaned the bathroom
Did laundry
Sorted out photos
Spoke to parents

Things I did not do today:


However, I have fish defrosted and I have potatoes and that means fish pie shall soon be mine! Nom ๐Ÿ™‚

The luggage!

The luggage!

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I’ve been updating my Flickr with the photos from my first couple of weeks in Canada. The little camera that I bought for Snowdon has been living in my messenger bag so I managed to catch some good moments.

You can see the rest of the photos here:

The sun has gone down

The sun has gone down

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There have been a ton of amazing sunsets here since I arrived so I put a few of them up on Flickr. All of these have been taken from the deck.

You can see the rest of the sunsets here: