It’s just a wee bit windy

Today is going to suck piggy wonks. It’s very unlikely that my sister’s flight will depart, although it isn’t showing as cancelled yet. The weather here is terrifying.

The bit they didn’t warn us about with this storm is the wind. We probably had less snow than forecast and it did turn to rain for a while towards morning, but currently we’re getting gusts (according to the weather reports) up to 110kph. As I live right on the ocean, I suspect that my gusts are considerably more than this.

So far, I have power and I appear to be one of the lucky ones because a lot of people around here don’t. My office is closed until noon, probably due to the power cut in the area of the office.

I am praying so hard that I’ll keep my power.

Even more worryingly, we have partially lost a window. The outer pane of a double paned window in the dining room has smashed. It happened when I was preparing breakfast about five feet away so I was understandably a little shaken. We’ve taped cardboard all over the inner pane, taped the frame, and moved everything that can be moved away. Now we’re just praying.

Mum and Da banned me from going out to remove some of the broken glass (it’s banging against the remaining pane in a worrying manner) and have instead gone out to do it themselves. Not that I’m worried or anything…

This was not forecast! We’re staying downstairs, in our semi-basement lower floor until the winds die down just in case. Or we will when Mum and Da have decided to stop being crazy and return to the house.

The RCMP are now saying not to drive, so even if my sister gets to Moncton we won’t be picking her up until tomorrow.

The parents just came in – they’re safe, at least! Although we have lost a few shingles from our new roof. Perhaps I’ll live a little further into the city when I move out in two years…

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