Hugos addendum

Comics! How could I have forgotten the graphic novels/comics section?

I’m determined to read everything this category as well. Two of them appear to be single volumes so they shouldn’t be too taxing to read. I’ve read the first three volumes of Unwritten so reading the fourth is no problem at all.

Then there are Locke and Key and the nomination for Fables, which is for its fifteen(!) volume. I’ve read volume one of Fables and loved it, never touched Locke and Key. That’s a lot of reading that I need to do.

Thankfully everything (except Digger by Ursula Vernon) is available through my local library so extensive use of the holds system should cover me.

After all, it’s only fourteen volumes of Fables, four volumes of Locke and Key and one each of The Unwritten, Schlock Mercenary and Digger. I can absolutely read twenty-one volumes of graphic novel by July 31st along with all the other novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories.


I’ll just head over to the library’s website right now, shall I?

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