Time to catch up…again. Starting with Hugo Awards!

You know those times when you have lots of things to post about and say, but the motivation to actually log in and write them down evades you? Yup, that’s me.

The big important piece of news is that the Hugo Award nominations were announced a couple of weeks ago:

2012 Hugo Award nominees

As I’m a voting member of Chicon 7, I’m going to be voting in the awards and I’ve vowed to myself that I’m going to (at the least) have read all nominated fiction works and watched all the dramatic presentation works. I’d like to think that I’ll get through the related works category too, but that looks unlikely.

I’m also planning to listen to at least one or two episodes out of all the fancast nominees.

I’ve made my task rather large because several of the novels are parts of series and I feel that I need to have read the preceding works in order to fully appreciate the nominated works. Thankfully I’ve read two George R.R. Martin books, but that does mean that I’ve got another two to read before I reachA Dance with Dragons. When you add in the Mira Grant, that means that I’ve got three longish novels in my Hugo pre-reading before I can even start on the nominated works!

I’m excited about it, though. I’ve read a Seanan McGuire book and loved it, so I’m excited about reading her books as Mira Grant even though I’ve always avoided zombie novels in the past. It feels like I’m going to be expanding my horizons 🙂

I’ve read one or more of the works in the novella, novelette and short story categories already thanks to my Asimov’s subscription so that makes it slightly less intimidating. Really, it does. Yup.

Helpfully I’ve watched pretty much all the short form dramas already and of the long form, only one thing (Source Code) wasn’t previously on my list of “things that I want to watch this year” so it shouldn’t be too bad. And I watched the Harry Potter at the cinema, which reduced the list slightly even though Game of Thrones is 13 hours of viewing.

I’ll be chucking a bunch of the books onto my Kindle for my trip next month and I’m considering buying GoT from iTunes rather than on DVD so that I can throw some of the episodes onto my iPad for the airplane and the car trips.

My deadline for voting is July 31st. I can do it. I’m determined. It’s only eight novels, six novellas, five novelettes, five short stories, four films and a 13 hour mini-series after all. Eep?

If I can do it without hinting at which way I’m voting, I shall document my Hugo watching/pre-reading/reading here under the “hugos” tab. So excited about this!

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