Weekend cooking and reading plans

My weekend plans were originally rather busy and I’d been planning to treat myself to lunch somewhere while I was out and about.

Then all my appointments got moved (not my idea) and initially I was very woe about my lack of excuses to treat myself to nummy food. Thankfully I’ve found an excuse: I need to take my PVR into the store for my cable company at the mall because they’re upgrading something in their system and my current box won’t work after April 1st. As I need to see Once Upon a Time and Grey’s Anatomy (don’t judge me!), I’m taking the box in to get it swapped for the spiffy new one that I need.

And so I have an excuse to get some sushi for supper on the way home, which is one of my favourite food treats ever. I think that I’ll also watch Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers tomorrow evening, as I seem to be on a bit of a LotR rewatch kick. It will be perfect.

There will still be some cooking tomorrow. Project Freezer Restock needs to continue so I’ll make a big pot of chili. I’ll also make and freeze some cheese and lentil loaves as a quick veggie option. Finally I need to make some granola because I’m distressingly short and I need my granola. Need it, I tell you. Muesli breakfast day is all kinds of awesome, but I need my granola days.

Hopefully I’ll find some time for some reading because I’ve got a lot to pack in over the next week. I want to finish The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells because it’s my current Kindle book and I need to finish it before I read the final two Hunger Games books, which are also on my Kindle. I’ve got a week to read those because I’m seeing the movie with my movie buddy next weekend.

Do you like the way that I’ve logic-ed myself an entire week of gleeful Hunger Games reading?

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